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Proespaço – The Portuguese Association of Space Industries, a non-profit making organization.

Principal aims:

  • To promote in Portugal activities related to space in all their aspects.
  • To be a representative organization, acting as an intermediary and interface with the public administration and national and international organizations in all matters relating to the space industry.
  • To work at all government levels (local, regional, national and supra-national) to achieve a substantial increase in the participation of Portuguese industry in space-related activities at a national, European and global level.
  • To provide expert information on the space industry in Portugal and on all related research, development and support programmes.
  • To provide a single voice to represent Portuguese industry in regard to the orientation of Portuguese space policies.
  • To extend and strengthen cooperation between companies, universities and state research institutes in R&D activities aimed at developing new technologies and products for use in space.
  • To contribute studies, analyses and viewpoints to the institutes and organizations responsible for drawing up Portugal’s space policy and related industrial development plans. 

Secondary aims:

  • To act as an organized forum for debate and business development to meet the needs of the Portuguese space community.
  • To collect and exchange information relating to markets skills and know-how for the benefit of Association members.
  • To set up and launch working groups to formulate and plan activities in specific areas of common interest.
  • To represent and communicate the common interests of the Portuguese space industry to all sectors of society and to international organizations with similar aims.
  • To inform society as a whole of the importance in everyday life, both today and in the future, of the application of space technology.
  • To provide foreign institutions with easy access to information about the Portuguese space industry.
  • To organize visits to Portugal and to relevant meetings for delegations from overseas.
  • To create, maintain and keep permanently updated a complete catalogue of the Portuguese space industry, including a directory of members, covering the space and earth sectors as well as related services.
  • To represent the Portuguese space industry at international fairs and exhibitions.
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